Our lives are made up of chapters as we travel through different phases of our life journey. We go through some exciting times and some not so exciting times. Generally the exciting times are planned and hence we are able to capture them in very special ways. Lifestyle Photography can be thought of as capturing these milestones and building the chapters of our picture library. The more life experiences we capture, the more we can look back at the wonderful memories created. How lovely is it for a newly wed couple to have a maternity shoot followed by a newborn shoot and then the first year smash the cake shoot. Imagine an old married couple sitting on their porch and looking at their photoshoot memories in the following order – their engagement shoot, their wedding shoot, their family shoots each time a new child of theirs was born, their 50th wedding anniversary shoot followed by a shoot with their grandchildren. We’ve often heard that a picture tells a thousand words. Great photos of amazing memories bring such joy to the people in the pictures as well as to the the people that look at the pictures in memory of the people in the pictures.

Bev has often been told that her wedding pictures tell more of a story than the wedding video. She loves what she does, no matter what shoot it is. Bev has the ability to make people feel relaxed and enjoy the moment. Not only does she enjoy photographing humans, she has an absolute passion for Wildlife Photography and spends every spare moment in the bush capturing the most amazing sightings as a result of pure patience and a knack for the best angle.